Why you should consider leaving the ‘mainstream’ news cycle if you’re a journalist

There’s no shortage of sources for stories and news in 2017.

And while many people are getting by without a newspaper subscription, a growing number are starting to realize they have no choice but to check them out when the day comes.

Here are some tips to consider if you want to get out of the news cycle.


If you’re going to check out a news source, don’t just read it for the articles themselves.

Read them for the stories themselves, and then decide if you’d rather get a story or not.

This is where things get interesting.

The more you read, the more you learn, and the more information you get, the less likely you are to trust the source.

So, you’re better off getting the stories from trusted sources, and getting the information from other sources, instead of just reading the articles.


Make sure you’re aware of the context.

A good source for a story may have a different tone than a neutral one.

The tone can be different because of the topic or the author’s style.

Sometimes, the story will have a bit more depth, and you’ll want to check that out.


Don’t read the story for the headline.

Sometimes a headline will make a story seem less important than the content itself.

You may want to look at the article for the article’s actual headline, but don’t read for that.

Instead, read the article with the headline in mind.

For example, you might find a story about an animal being released from captivity, or a story on a particular type of cancer.

This will help you understand the context behind the headline and the article, so you can make the best decision for you.


Find out who wrote the story.

Some stories are written by a single person, and some are written collaboratively by multiple people.

If a source does have a direct link to an author, that should be highlighted, along with the author, in the story’s headline.

For instance, this article was written by two people: The first person was an editor at BuzzFeed.

She wrote the headline, “A group of scientists released a captive tiger into the wild,” which the article describes as a “group of scientists” who “released” a captive cat into the forest to test its health.

The second person was the editor of Motherboard.

She edited the story, “Scientists released a tiger into a wild, and it died.

This story is based on the work of a group of researchers.”


Get the details.

You want to know what the authors of the article were doing and why they did it.

They didn’t just take the news, they had the time and money to investigate it.

If they were doing research on something, it’s worth reading the article to get a sense of what it was about.


Keep an eye out for the authors.

If it’s a good story, it may have multiple authors.

And if there are multiple authors, that’s good.

The author may have shared the story publicly, or may have published it on their own site, or they may have written a blog post on it.

These are all good sources of information.

You can read more about the importance of this on this post.


Check out the source itself.

If there are any major differences between the two sources, or if they’re not related, you should probably ask questions.

Ask for additional details, or seek more information.


Take notes.

If the source is not mentioned in the article itself, it can be a good way to learn more about that person, their work, or what they’ve been up to.

Some people have found that when they write about a particular topic, they’ll have notes on their phone that they can read, so that they have an outline of the story and can write it down.

This may be especially helpful if you don’t know the authors or the content, or you’re not sure if you can trust the story itself.


Use the search engine.

If your primary source of information is a news site, then you probably don’t want to be doing anything but reading the news in the meantime.

But, if you have to, check out some of the search engines.

There’s also a way to see what news sites are doing with a particular story.

For a quick search, just type in a search term, and a list of news sites will come up.

If no news sites appear, that means there’s nothing to learn about the story either.

Find the stories that are doing well, and start to check those out.


Consider an alternative source.

You don’t have to subscribe to any news site.

If one of your main sources doesn’t have a news section, consider checking out a different source, like a blog or an audio book. Or, you


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