Which team are the best in Serie A?

This article first appeared on Football Italian.

It was the subject of a lively debate, with some of the best footballing minds from across Italy and around the world debating which team is the best team in the division.

It’s not just the big names and the greats like Di Natale, Pirlo and Buffon.

There are also the youngsters and those who might not get the recognition they deserve.

And what do the experts say?

Here are their top 10 teams, with a few of their names thrown in for good measure.

Top 10 teams in Serie E:1.

Juventus 2.









InterThe best in the world.

It’s hard to find a more perfect team.

They are all great players and will make you forget you’re watching the same teams for a while.

They’ve got all the big stars in place, the best youth set-up, and the most exciting attacking set-ups.

The players have so much potential and the atmosphere is great.

The players are all at the peak of their game, and they’re capable of winning games with their style of play, so there’s no reason why they can’t compete with the big clubs.

Juventus, Lazio and Napoli are also in the top 10, while Genoa and Roma are in the bottom 10.

But they all have to win some games to be considered.

It will be interesting to see how the current top 10 will shake out when the season is over.

Napoli are on the brink of another Serie A title and it will be a battle between the two.

They’ll probably be favourites to win it, as they’re the only team who have beaten Inter and Juventus.

Inter are currently bottom of the table and they’ve lost their last two matches.

Lazia are currently in the relegation zone, while Napoli and Sassuolos two wins in three games would give them a lot of momentum going into the final games of the season.

Inter have had a lot to celebrate over the last few years, winning the Scudetto and finishing in the Champions League spots.

They have some of Europe’s best players and a very good squad, with several players going on to become world-class.

The new coach of Napoli, Maurizio Sarri, has already shown he has the right players for the job.

Lazaro is another Italian side who have a lot going for them.

Their fans are always ready to cheer them on, as the team has a lot riding on their shoulders.

The first game of the new season should be a lot more exciting.

They should be able to make the leap into the Champions league places with a win against Inter.

Roma have the potential to be top of the league and have some players who are ready to become big stars.

It would be interesting if the Bianconeri beat Inter and Lazio at the same time, as this would give Inter some much-needed motivation to keep up their winning ways.

Napolino are one of the biggest clubs in Italy, but they have a history of losing.

They’re the favourites to take the Scuda to the final, but if they can beat Inter in Rome, they’ll be a threat to Inter and Inter will be forced to come to grips with that.

Lazioni and Sassi are on another level, but are also favourites to make it into the top half of the standings.

Roma and Lazia have some strong names in their squad, but it will all depend on whether the players are in shape.

Juve, Lazo and Sassari are in a similar position to Inter.

They will be the first to suffer the defeat of the year and they need to win to be in the hunt for a Champions League spot.

Lazo have a great coach in Roberto Mancini, and he has managed them very well over the years.

The likes of Giorgio Chiellini, Carlos Tevez, Leonardo Bonucci, Leonardo Pavoletti, Carlos Alberto and others are all key players in the squad, and that’s exactly what the team needs.

Inter and Sassoli are in an entirely different situation.

Sassi have just lost the league title to Inter, but the club is already struggling financially.

Lazarino have a strong squad and some very good players.

They won’t have the same financial backing as Inter and Napolino, but still, they have the talent to challenge.

Juvenilis squad is very similar to the one that is in place at the start of the campaign.

There is one more star player in the form of Andrea Belotti, who is a fantastic player and will only help their cause.

The young players are also very exciting.

It is hard to pick a favourite, but Juve will be in for a tough season, especially if they lose at


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