Which celebrity Instagram follower count is the most influential?

Instagram users count the number of followers they have on Instagram and other social media platforms, which is a key metric in calculating influence.

The more followers a user has, the more influence they have in their network.

The most popular influencers on Instagram have a whopping 27 million followers, according to data from Instagram analytics firm Nielsen.

This number is far above the number people are actively following, which stands at around 8 million followers.

The number of people who follow influencers is increasing every day.

The influencers who have the most followers are the most popular on Instagram, according the study, which was conducted in September 2017.

Influencers with over 25,000 followers account for almost half of the most followed influencers in the study.

The study found that the most influencer-centric influencers tend to be male, with those who are younger and more popular often taking on the role of “follower whisperer”.

Influencers who are women tend to focus on more mainstream topics.

The study found: “Most influencers with more than 100,000 Twitter followers are white, 18 to 29, with at least five years of experience.

They have a strong grasp of technology, as well as an understanding of the social media ecosystem.”

Influencers also tend to have more followers who follow their account.

More than one-third of influencers have more than 25,0000 followers.

The most popular celebrity Instagram followers are: Katy Perry, 50, with 5.2 million followers; Ariana Grande, 29, 2.6 million; Beyoncé, 21, 1.8 million; Kim Kardashian, 17, 1 million; and Justin Bieber, 14, 1 mil.

The next most popular celebs are: Nicki Minaj, 17.5 million; Lady Gaga, 16.4 million; Selena Gomez, 16 million; Rihanna, 14.8 mil; and Katy Perry.

The least popular celebrities on Instagram are: Drake, 5.1 million; Meghan Markle, 4.7 million; Arianna Grande, 4 million; Taylor Swift, 4 mil; Miley Cyrus, 3.5 mil; Lady Blondie, 3 mil; Rihannas daughter, Kylie Jenner, 2 mil; Lana Del Rey, 1,800; Katy Perry; and Miley.Read more:


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