What do you think of the Trump presidency?

A few weeks ago, the US president tweeted a photo of himself with his hands on his hips, showing his head was up and a smile.

Now, the president’s face has been replaced by a caricature of himself wearing a wig and makeup.

What do you make of this?

Is the tweet offensive?

Is it a good thing?

We’re told that the cartoon Trump is wearing is actually a puppet made of a wig, makeup and a wig-like wig, which was created by the creators of the popular animated series, “Mulan”.

Trump tweeted a picture of himself in a wig on Wednesday, a day after a federal judge blocked the president from banning Muslim immigrants.

The court ordered him to stop his ban on travellers and refugees from six predominantly Muslim countries, but Trump has appealed the decision.

But a number of critics, including former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, have argued that the image is offensive.

“The Trump image is not based on fact.

It is based on a caricature created by someone who wants to look like the president, not someone who actually believes he is the president,” Bloomberg told CNN.”

This is a cartoon that was created to appeal to Trump’s voters and is based around him,” he added.

In the wake of the judge’s ruling, the White House tweeted that the president has no plans to stop the ban, and that the administration has no intention of restricting immigration.

The US president is not the first president to wear a wig or make-up, according to a Smithsonian Magazine article from 2015.

In 2009, President George W Bush was pictured in a make-over to look more like a Hollywood actor and actor friends, including Kate Winslet, John Malkovich and Julia Roberts.

In October 2014, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were seen in make-overs as they campaigned in Nevada, a state where Trump won the state’s electoral college vote by over 1.5 million votes.

In November 2012, Mitt Romney wore make-ups and was photographed wearing a black wig, a look he maintained until his inauguration.


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