WATCH: A young man who killed a woman in his own home, then turned his gun on the police says he didn’t have to do it.

In a new interview with CBC News, Kevin Mokwena, 19, said he and his friends were in a bad mood in their backyard of the city of Cape Breton in April.

When they were at the back of their home, Mokwalas cousin, 22-year-old Kari Tarkowski, walked into the yard.

They had been drinking at the house, Mokuwena said.

Mokwais cousin was the only one in the yard, Moko said.

“I was just in shock,” Mokwuas cousin said.

Kari then asked Mokwanas cousin if he was going to kill her.

KARI: “I told him I had a gun, that I was going back home, I was coming home with her, and I had to kill him, so he told me I had no right to do that, and he said I’m sorry.

And he told my cousin to leave.” “

And I said no, I don- I didn- I- I just don’t want to kill anyone, and that was it.

And he told my cousin to leave.”

He said he never heard her say anything back to him, and Mokwas cousin, who was also in the house with him, later told police that he saw Tarkowski run out of the yard and then he got in his car.

“When I came back home I had bruises all over my face, and there was blood on the car,” he said.

He said Mokweas cousin drove the car away.

Mokos cousin and his parents were also there when Tarkowksi fled.

“He said, ‘We’re going to leave the house,’ and I was like, ‘No, we’re not leaving the house,'” Mokowas cousin told CBC News.

“But he drove off.

So I followed him, my parents, I chased him and then got a police cruiser.

I had blood on my car.

And then we drove away.”

The next day, Moka and his cousins said they found out Tarkokses parents were gone.

Moka’s cousin said Moka said that Mokowa was going home with Tarkowa and they were going to the store to buy something.

“The next day he was still there, so I was trying to find him, but he wasn- he was nowhere to be found,” Moka told CBC.

Moki said he asked Moka if he could talk to his cousin and tell him what happened, but Mokwi said he was busy.

Moku said he did not think Tarkouws family was involved.

MOMI: “That’s the worst part of this, is that his family was nowhere near, and when you’re not there, you just don- you just- you don’t know.

Mokwatas parents said Moko told them he was at the store the night of the shooting, but no one saw him leave. “

We had no contact with him.”

Mokwatas parents said Moko told them he was at the store the night of the shooting, but no one saw him leave.

“They were like, why didn’t he call the police?” said Moshi’s father, David.

“No, he was in the store with his girlfriend, she was there, and they called the police.

But we didn’t know who he was.”

David said he believes Tarkows family may have been at the home with Mokawa and Moka.

“My guess is that it was either their family or some of their friends,” David said.

David said his son has not told him anything.

He and his wife said that they were told Mokawas cousin was in jail.

“It’s the same, they were on parole, they weren’t in jail, they had a lot of people that they didn’t even know,” David told CBC TV.

“So that’s the real question, is it her family or is it someone else, or somebody who knew him?”

Mokawan said he thinks he will have to wait to know more about the shooting until the case is resolved.

Mota said the family is still waiting to hear from investigators.

“What can I say?

Hopefully, this will help lead to justice for my family,” Mota told CBC in a statement.


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