Travis Scott Talks Being the First Black Artist to Take the #1 Spot on Billboard Hot 100

The Travis Scott-titled Travis Scott’s The Blackest Things is an intimate portrait of the man behind his own signature style, a journey into the world of black music and hip-hop.

Scott has taken the lead role of Travis Scott, the star of the hit documentary The Black Book, which chronicles the lives of six black musicians, as he tries to make sense of his own black identity.

Scott’s first album, The Blackbook, was a critical success in 2016 and earned him the Grammy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Music Journalism.

The Black Books follow the life of the men who were inspired by the film, who are all in their mid-20s, and attempt to make the most of their unique talents and perspectives.

Scott will also be releasing his second album, Travis Scott Presents The Black Album.

Travis Scott is known for his unique, powerful storytelling.

In this exclusive interview, Scott talks about his early musical influences, the evolution of his style, and the importance of being honest.

Travis also talks about the new Black Book documentary, TheBlackBook, which features interviews with the six men, including the Black Book’s narrator, Travi$ Scott.

This exclusive interview with Travis Scott was produced by the BBC.

Follow Travis Scott on Instagram and Instagram @travisscott.

Travis and Megan Fox are the co-founders of Lush, a new label that brings the best of contemporary black music to fans in the UK and beyond.

Lush is a partnership between Fox and Lush Music Group, which was launched in 2018 with the launch of the Fox and Fox & Fox < Fox’s Black Album label. 

Lush Records is also available through iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and other music retailers.


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