‘The Next Big Thing’ is going to be bigger than anything else in 2017

The Next Big Things are just the beginning for Savannah Guthrie.

In January, the singer-songwriter will release her debut album, The Next Things, which was a collaboration with Kanye West.

The album is the culmination of years of work, including her solo career and her collaborations with producers Jay-Z and Pusha T. It’s a rare feat in contemporary music: Guthrie is a master of her craft, with an impressive catalog of songs that span genres from pop to R&b, and she’s also mastered the art of her voice.

Guthrie’s music can be seen as a kind of counterpoint to the more mainstream pop of her peers, but her music is also rooted in her roots, and her music can also be felt as a celebration of the way African-American people were used to survive and thrive in America.

“We’re all trying to live a little bit differently,” Guthrie told The Verge.

“It’s all about trying to take things to the next level.”

She’s certainly not alone.

Guthries debut album also features a guest appearance from Kanye West, who has also been a big fan of Guthrie since she was a child.

“I’ve heard Savannah talk about the legacy of her grandmothers, and I’ve heard her talk about her grandmother,” West told Rolling Stone last year.

“And I just like her music so much.

I think it’s great.

She’s a wonderful artist.”

And for Guthrie, her music isn’t about selling it to the masses.

It comes from a place of love.

“There are two reasons I do it,” Guthries told The Washington Post.

“One is, I want people to feel what I feel.

And I’m going to do my best to make it beautiful and good for everybody.

But I think what I really like about my music is it’s like being in a beautiful, dark room with your parents and a little girl.

You can tell there’s a lot going on and she doesn’t know anything about it.

And she’s just a little kid, and you can tell she’s very bright, and that she’s got a lot to learn.

And you can see that in the music.

That’s how I feel,” Guthriys mother, the late Kathy Guthrie Sr., said in the interview. “

The other reason is, when I listen to Savannah’s music, I’m just feeling that music.

That’s how I feel,” Guthriys mother, the late Kathy Guthrie Sr., said in the interview.

“My son and I would listen to it over and over again.

He loved it.

He just loves it.

So he really wanted to know how we felt about it and we wanted to give him that feeling of, This is what Savannah feels about this, and we really hope you enjoy it.”

She said that she would listen back to her daughter’s music “at least 10 times a day.”

“I think her music has this incredible ability to change people’s hearts,” Guthrey said.

“So it’s so powerful.

And to see that music is going out to the world and people are loving it and loving her, I think is amazing.

It makes me so happy.”

Guthrie also explained her motivations behind her music in a recent interview with Billboard.

She said she “felt like there was a need for a voice in music, in a country that was so white and so male, and so disconnected from the world.

And then when I started getting into it, I realized, well, this is what it’s really like to be an African-Americans in America, so let’s get that music out there and show it to everybody.”

Guthries own brand of music is now a global phenomenon, and the musician has recently found success as a solo artist, releasing her third album, You Are My Sunshine, in April.

She recently collaborated with Kanye on a collaboration, I Am Not Your Lady.

I Am Your Sunshine is her first solo album since 2014, and it’s also her first album with Jay-z.

Guthry also recently released a new single, “Gangsta Gangsta,” that’s inspired her to go even further than her debut.

“This is my version of the ‘The Weeknd,'” Guthrie said in an interview with The Atlantic.

“What I did on ‘Gangster’ is, instead of just being a rapper, I decided to go on the stage and do it in my own way, and make it more about me.”

Her first major album release was also the first in which Guthrie worked with Jay Z, and for that, she says, she’s grateful.

“He’s a great artist, and he really taught me a lot,” Guthrys mother said.

“[Jay] told me to listen to his music, and what I listened to is what I


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