Why did the #NeverTrumpers become the #FakeNewsers?

Instagram’s new “Not a Fake” logo is going to be popping up on Instagram all over the place.We’re told that this is a sign that people aren’t buying into the idea that they’re being manipulated by fake news.This could be because they are.We’ll find out if it is the case on October 6.As part of […]

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How to Create Your Next Big Thing: How to Make Your Next Generation of Money with Instagram post download

Posted October 16, 2018 09:23:33If you’re one of the millions of people who use Instagram as a platform to connect with friends, business partners, and colleagues around the world, then you’ve probably used the app to upload photos, upload videos, and share your personal brand.But how can you get rich from that?Here are the basics […]

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Cat with ‘meth-smoking’ dog gets $1M prize in US cat-related competition

A US cat named “Meth-Smoking” won $1 million in the US cat race at the International Cat and Dog Show on Saturday, according to a press release from the American Kennel Club.The cat was named after the drug used in the methamphetamine-smoking process, the American Humane Association.The winner was a 2-year-old German Shepherd named Meth-Smiling […]

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Why you should consider leaving the ‘mainstream’ news cycle if you’re a journalist

There’s no shortage of sources for stories and news in 2017.And while many people are getting by without a newspaper subscription, a growing number are starting to realize they have no choice but to check them out when the day comes.Here are some tips to consider if you want to get out of the news […]

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