‘Hooked on the Endangered Species Act’ is ‘not a joke’

The Endangered Wildlife Act is not a joke, the Obama administration says.And in a video released Thursday, the White House highlighted its push to end the law, which it says is designed to prevent the species from being “killed off” in the wild.“This is a real, tangible example of how Congress has tried to make […]

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How to Use Your Instagram Account to Get More Likes and Retweets

In the years since Instagram started, it has become an important tool in marketing, especially on social media.Its reach has grown exponentially.But as you may have noticed, it is also the most difficult way to gain more followers and subscribers.But if you’re using Instagram to promote your content, it’s also the easiest.Here’s what you need […]

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Black girl stars in Instagram bio photo and ‘Black Out!’

Black girl star Charli Damelio has launched an Instagram page called Black Out!, which aims to highlight the black experiences of Instagram and its users.Ms Damelios bio has been tagged “Black Out!” and “Instagram Black Out!”, but her followers seem to love the page and its “funny hashtags”, including “#blackout,instagreen,blackouts,black,srs”, and “#blackoutshow,blackouttheshow”.“Instagreen was an opportunity […]

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Chrissy Teigen and Kendall Jenner on being the first ‘bros’ in the ‘f*cking world’

Chrissy and Kendall are the first bros in the f*cking universe.When we say that we are the “first bros,” we are referring to Chrissy’s time in the music industry, where she was an early adopter of the new social media phenomenon, Instagram.She first started taking pictures and videos with the hashtag “Instagram,” which gained popularity […]

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