How to download and upload pictures of your Instagram account using instagram photo captions

Instagram’s captioning system lets you upload photos to the platform without actually having to register an account.This article shows you how to do that with a simple step-by-step guide.Instagram’s caption feature is designed to let you caption your pictures.Instagram’s “instagram photo captioning” feature is not new, but it’s a new addition to the app.It’s an […]

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WATCH: A young man who killed a woman in his own home, then turned his gun on the police says he didn’t have to do it.

In a new interview with CBC News, Kevin Mokwena, 19, said he and his friends were in a bad mood in their backyard of the city of Cape Breton in April.When they were at the back of their home, Mokwalas cousin, 22-year-old Kari Tarkowski, walked into the yard.They had been drinking at the house, Mokuwena […]

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What you need to know about the trial of the day: Ariana Grande and Snoop Dogg

The trial of a day: Snoop is expected to be found guilty of the 2016 murders of two young girls and an attempted murder of another.But Arianna Grande is not. The Los Angeles Times has learned that the pop singer and her father are both expected to receive the death penalty. A source close to Grande said […]

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How to Watch ESPN2: WatchESPN2 vs. Reality: What to Watch on the Internet

We’ve all seen it, you’re on the road with your family and you hear the car start up and the engine revving.You think to yourself, “This isn’t a real car.”But that’s exactly what’s happening to you when you go online and start playing your favorite games.When you’re playing the Xbox game, for example, the dashboard […]

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