How to Be an ‘Auntie Bad’ in 2017

Here are a few things you need to know about Auntie Bad.1.She’s a “bitter” person.Auntie Bitty, who will likely be making a cameo in the upcoming episode of Family Guy, has some tough feelings about some of the family’s more recent missteps.She has a lot of patience for her nephews, especially after he tried to […]

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What you need to know about social media trends and how they can impact your business

The social media landscape has changed in recent years.While it’s still a largely untapped space, there’s a lot more data available than ever before.As social media becomes more widely adopted, it is becoming increasingly important to understand how the platform is affecting your business.That means understanding how people are using the platform to find and […]

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Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” is a “love letter to the world”

In the lead-up to her album’s official release, Beyoncé shared a video that she said “represents the love of a lifetime.”The video, titled “Love Letter To The World,” was created by the Grammy-winning artist and includes footage from the “Formation,” a song from her debut album.The video features Beyoncé and two of her longtime friends […]

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‘Punjab’s most hated woman’: Woman dies after being beaten by her husband on social media

A woman in Punjab, India has died after being assaulted by her ex-husband on social network instagram.The 26-year-old, identified as Harsha, was killed on Monday in the town of Pulwama, a village located near the border with Pakistan, the Punjab Police said in a statement.The victim, who had been pregnant, had been living with her […]

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How to Use Instagram for Business: How to Build Your Own Business on Instagram

Share Share on Facebook Share Share the link to Instagram in your posts.If you’re like most of us, your first few posts on Instagram are just a series of snapshots of your house or business.The Instagram photo of you and your dog is not the most interesting thing you’ve ever taken.So how do you get […]

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How to Watch ESPN2: WatchESPN2 vs. Reality: What to Watch on the Internet

We’ve all seen it, you’re on the road with your family and you hear the car start up and the engine revving.You think to yourself, “This isn’t a real car.”But that’s exactly what’s happening to you when you go online and start playing your favorite games.When you’re playing the Xbox game, for example, the dashboard […]

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