Pope Francis: ‘We must not be afraid’ of ISIS

The Pope, who was visiting Lebanon, said that “in the face of these terrorists, it is a tragedy to face the reality of the threat” of ISIS.

“We mustn’t be afraid.

We mustn.

We have to keep on fighting.

And I don’t think it’s a good idea to stop.”

He went on to say that “we cannot turn away from this, and we cannot stop it.”

“But we mustn`t be afraid.”

The pontiff also addressed the Syrian conflict, saying that “if we do not act together, if we don’t do something, the end will come.

The world will know what it has become, and the world will feel the pain of its own,” he said.”

If you are against the Syrian people, you are in favour of the regime.

You are in favor of the death of the Syrian nation.”

He said that if there is a “conflict between the people of Syria and the Syrian regime, it will be between the Syrian army and the people.”

The Vatican issued a statement saying that Pope Francis has spoken with “all the leaders of the Christian community in Lebanon and in other countries of the world” in order to “strengthen and deepen the dialogue between the Christian and Muslim communities.”

The pope said he hopes “the unity and unity of the Lebanese people will be the best guarantee of their future.”

The Pope, however, did not say whether he plans to visit Lebanon in the future.

He told reporters he is “not going to go anywhere,” adding that “I’m sure that I will be with the people in Lebanon.”


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