Senate Republicans aim to get more than $600 billion from ObamaCare repeal bill

Republicans are trying to get at least $600 billions of federal subsidies to help low-income Americans buy health insurance, according to new estimates from the Congressional Budget Office.The Senate GOP’s ObamaCare repeal and replace bill would provide $400 billion over the next decade in tax credits and waivers to help people buy insurance on their […]

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How to avoid falling for the new Instagram-like video game

Posted August 08, 2018 17:19:50Instagram has taken over the world of video game and has already launched its first-ever app for video game players, but it is not just games that it is using to create videos.Now, the app is available for both Android and iOS, and it can be used for a variety of […]

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How to get blueface to look like youre a blueface girl

The following is a list of common methods of getting blueface into the picture, whether youre just trying to impress the girls or youve got some special needs in mind.1.Youre not the girl with the face.Blueface girls are very common.Ive met girls that werent blueface at all, they were blonde, or even blond.You cant get […]

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How to delete your Instagram ad and Instagram stickers

Instagram has introduced a new way to delete Instagram ads and stickers on its mobile apps.Instagram is rolling out the feature to users in the United States, Europe and Australia.Users can now choose to delete or remove their Instagram stickers or posts from their account, according to Instagram.The app has a simple click to delete […]

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What you need to know about the trial of the day: Ariana Grande and Snoop Dogg

The trial of a day: Snoop is expected to be found guilty of the 2016 murders of two young girls and an attempted murder of another.But Arianna Grande is not. The Los Angeles Times has learned that the pop singer and her father are both expected to receive the death penalty. A source close to Grande said […]

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How to avoid getting your pictures taken by paparazzi

Some people just don’t like paparas and photographers who aren’t wearing the right gear.The same goes for photographers who don’t respect paparans or who don.But some people do.Some photographers, for example, have been banned from using social media sites for years.The reason for the ban is that the use of social media, and the way […]

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