Why you should never delete your Instagram photo again

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you want to delete an Instagram photo, there are a few things you should know.First, don’t delete your photo without first seeing the caption of the photo.If you don’t see the caption, don.Second, if you do delete your photos, you should NEVER delete the caption and […]

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Nude pics show Bella Thorne in Playboy

Nude photos of Bella Thorne have emerged online, including one showing the actress at a party dressed as a mannequin with a strap-on dildo, the outlet reported.The Instagram photo shows Thorne with a large strap-o dildo and another showing the singer on a beach, wearing a bikini and a bikini top, the website said.The photos, […]

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Which celebrity Instagram follower count is the most influential?

Instagram users count the number of followers they have on Instagram and other social media platforms, which is a key metric in calculating influence.The more followers a user has, the more influence they have in their network.The most popular influencers on Instagram have a whopping 27 million followers, according to data from Instagram analytics firm […]

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ETH, Bitcoin, Ripple and Binance exchange trading platforms are back online

Ethereum, Bitcoin and Bittrex have all been restored to the trading platforms’ online trading platforms in the wake of a cyberattack on Ethereum and a hack of the Bitcoin blockchain.The three trading platforms resumed trading on the platforms on Thursday morning, a day after the hack of Ethereum and the breach of the Blockchain.com platform.The […]

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