‘Huge’ $1.5 million gift to the Murray Darling Institute to help research the causes of Parkinson’s

A $1,5 million donation to the Queensland Institute of Psychiatry is the largest of its kind in the country.

The Murray Darling Mental Health Research Institute is a state-of-the-art centre that has been designed and built by the Gillard government.

The $1 million gift, made through the Queensland Government’s Public Sector Innovation Program, will be used for research into the causes and treatments of Parkinsonism and related conditions.

It will include:The Murray Foundation is an Australian nonprofit organisation that works to support research and education in the areas of Parkinsonian disorders.

Its research is funded by the Commonwealth Government, the National Health and Medical Research Council, the Australian National Research Council and the Murray Foundation.

“It’s a really good match between the Murray and the Queensland governments, it’s a very strong relationship,” Dr Bruce Murray, executive director of the Murray Institute, said.

The Queensland Government has a $3 million grant in the works for the Murray’s Parkinson’s Research Institute.

The foundation’s CEO, Dr Bruce C. Murray, said the foundation was proud to support the Murray-Darling research institute and its future research.

“I’m really proud to be able to support this research,” Dr Murray said.

“We’re not just a research institute, we’re an institution that’s working towards a world where we can all live longer, healthier lives.”

And I think we’ve achieved that goal and I think the Murray family is proud to have been part of that.

“The Murray foundation will also invest in a new research facility that will be built at the institute.

Dr Murray said the Murray foundation would be able use the money to improve services for people with Parkinson’s and other forms of mental illness.”

This is a significant gift and the foundation’s going to use it in a way that we know will be beneficial to people, not just the patients, but also the people around the world who have these conditions,” Dr C Murray said


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