How to Survive the New Rockies

When a group of rock climbers set off on a four-day trek from southern Oregon to New Mexico, they didn’t expect much.

But when they started their journey on October 15, 2014, they were shocked to find that a rock climber had climbed their route and killed himself.

After they arrived in Arizona, they went to a local police station to report the death.

But the police wouldn’t believe them.

“We’re here to protect you from the rock climbers,” a sheriff’s deputy told them.

That night, a man named Jason Scott, 39, died.

The sheriff and police were baffled and upset.

A week later, on December 9, the FBI opened an investigation.

The investigation was launched after a reporter called a hotline to report Scott’s death, and after the reporter’s death.

The FBI’s investigation uncovered the true identity of the killer: Scott, a native of Oklahoma who had been living in Arizona for about six months.

The man was a convicted felon who had repeatedly broken into houses and killed people in his 20s.

A year earlier, Scott had been convicted of murder, and he was awaiting trial for another murder charge.

Scott had broken into homes, killed people, and burglarized cars.

He had also burglarised several places in Arizona and California, including his home, where he had also been convicted.

But because he had lived in Arizona all of the time, Scott wasn’t a suspected suspect in any of the previous crimes.

In fact, he had been a convicted criminal and had never committed a crime, according to the FBI.

The only reason Scott was considered a potential suspect in Scott’s murder was because he was from Arizona.

And that’s when the FBI began investigating Scott.

The bureau’s investigation into Scott’s case began on March 15, 2015.

The day after Scott’s body was found, a sheriff and the Arizona police department held a press conference to announce that Scott had committed the murders of three people, including the three young girls who were in his car.

On the same day, Scott was charged with the murder of a third young girl, Jessica Marie, and sentenced to life in prison.

It wasn’t until February of this year that Scott was released from prison after serving seven years.

But he was never able to make it back to Arizona.

The Arizona Department of Corrections, however, continued to release Scott, and a new suspect, Adam Johnson, who is serving a life sentence for his role in Scott and Jessica Marie’s deaths, was released on parole in January.

Johnson was also released from a prison in Florida, but he is serving time there for killing a man and stealing his car in 2002.

It took more than a year for the FBI to catch up to Johnson.

It began on February 11, 2016, when FBI agents interviewed Scott’s former girlfriend, who said that the pair had been dating for a few months before he had become the subject of Scott’s investigation.

“I’m very, very upset about it,” said the girlfriend, Stephanie Miller, when the agents asked her about Scott.

Miller told the agents that she had met Scott for the first time the night of the murder, in August, and that he was a “pretty good climber” and had climbed several routes.

Miller said that she was not the first person to come forward with details about Scott’s activities.

She said that her brother had told her Scott had climbed “pretty much everything in the state.”

Miller also said that Scott once told her that he had killed three people and that the body of a fourth woman was missing.

The girlfriend told the investigators that Scott said he had climbed a “mountain of rocks” in Arizona that was “pretty hard,” and that she didn’t know where he got those rocks.

“If I was to go to jail for it, I’d probably have to live with that for the rest of my life,” Miller said.

“But I’d rather get to a safe place and live my life.”

Miller said she and Scott had a short-term relationship and that they had dated for a couple of years before the murders.

She told the FBI that she and Miller had discussed Scott’s involvement with the girls and the murder investigation in February, but that she did not know the circumstances of his relationship with them.

Miller and Scott said they had not been intimate with anyone prior to the murders, but the FBI agents said they believed Scott had known Miller since they began dating in 2013.

The agents said that Miller and her boyfriend, Aaron, had told them that they and Scott were in a relationship, and the two had been communicating regularly online.

The two said that they were in their early 20s, that they liked to rock climb and that Scott often helped them.

On December 8, 2016 at a bar in Phoenix, Miller told a bartender that she met Scott in August of 2014, and she had “a good time.”

Miller told investigators that she told Scott that she wanted to have sex with him


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