How to spot a fake post about the Belle Delphine

The post that was originally published on Friday about the singer’s divorce from her ex-husband, Matt Delphin, has been taken down after it went viral online.

In the post, which has been shared more than 100,000 times, the singer said she had decided to step down from the lead role in the new movie “The Last Jedi” in favour of “being with my husband”.

The post has since been removed.

It was posted on Friday morning by a user who identified herself as “Belle Del” and was later identified as a follower of a Facebook page called “Belley” that claimed to be Delphines own Instagram account.

Ms Delphini’s followers also shared her Instagram post saying she was stepping down from “The Force Awakens” after a backlash over the film’s controversial depiction of women.

MsDelphini has been vocal about her views on gender roles in film and on social media since the film was released in May 2017.

“It’s important that we as women not be treated like sex objects,” she wrote in a blog post on Instagram.

“The Star Wars saga has been one of the most successful of all time and I would never want to diminish it, however there are still some things that need to change in order for the stories we want to tell to resonate with our audience.”

MsDelphi said she was inspired to step away from the film after she was criticised for her participation in the film.

“I felt like I was not being able to make this film because of who I am and what I believe in,” she said.

“Being a woman in this industry has meant so much and I feel like we are being treated the same way as men.”

The post was later deleted, and it has since come to light that MsDelphis account had been hacked.

It is understood that she had been targeted in the hack, which took place on May 22.


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