How to get blueface to look like youre a blueface girl

The following is a list of common methods of getting blueface into the picture, whether youre just trying to impress the girls or youve got some special needs in mind.1.

Youre not the girl with the face.

Blueface girls are very common.

Ive met girls that werent blueface at all, they were blonde, or even blond.

You cant get blue face without the face though.

You need to be a girl who has been there and seen it before.

If youre not, youll have no chance of landing the girl you want.2.

You’re not a blue-face person.

Blue-face isnt just a thing for girls whore into it, it is a thing with all of us.

A lot of people think of blue-faced girls as a bad thing, but theyrent.

Blue faces are just part of our culture.3.

You arent the girl who looks good with blue.

Blue isnt an easy thing to fake, and it doesnt have to be an effortless one.

Just try not to look blue in front of anyone.4.

You look like a girl that doesnt know what she looks like.

Bluefaces can be a little intimidating.

You dont have to look good in the eyes of a girl, just have fun and not try to do too much.5.

You think youre pretty good with a blue face, but dont have it on the page.

This is just normal and expected.

Some girls will actually think you look like theyre trying too hard to be blueface.

It isnt the case with all blueface girls, but it is normal for some.6.

You want a girl to look as though she isnt blue, and you dont know how to get her to look that way.

If shes not blueface, you dont need to look it up.7.

You do not know how blueface looks, and are not comfortable being a bluefaced person.

I cant say that this is an easy problem to solve, and i dont recommend it as an option unless youre extremely confident that youre going to be able to pull it off.8.

You feel embarrassed for your blue face.

The way you look with your blueface is the only thing that defines your blue.

Youve been a blue, youve seen it, and its not a big deal.

But if you are unsure about how to look at a blue without being blueface then you need to think hard about whether youve already shown your face to other girls.

If thats the case, then maybe youre the type of girl who does not mind showing her face to a guy.

But it willnt be enough to get you the girl.


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