How to be a model in China

A young Chinese woman is on the hunt for the perfect face.

It’s the perfect opportunity to get her modelling career off to a bad start.

The young woman, named Xiao Li, is an aspiring model who grew up in the city of Ningbo, in central China’s Jiangsu province.

She moved to Ningbo in 2012 and went to university.

But things weren’t going to be easy for her.

The weather there was terrible.

A friend in the area got sick and was taken to the hospital.

Doctors then started to worry about the young woman’s health and asked her to come home.

Her mother was there and they talked about it.

They talked about her health, and her mother said, ‘Well, this is not good, Xiao Li will die before she gets to school, so let’s try to get you back home.’

And so Xiao Li was taken home, but doctors could tell she had a brain tumour.

They sent her to the local hospital.

But the doctors were unable to remove it because of the weather.

The family tried to convince the local doctors that they had to do it anyway, so they got a team of four people to help.

In the middle of the night, the team woke up and they started taking pictures.

When they came back, the tumour was gone.

That was the end of the road for Xiao Li.

But she didn’t lose hope.

She decided to take it to the mainland.

She travelled to Shanghai, Shanghai’s financial district, where she applied for a job.

After two months, she was hired and began working.

She took the job at the Guangzhou Shanghai Cosmetics factory in September last year.

At first, she had no idea what she was going to do.

She said, I’ve been living in Ningbo for two years, and I’ve never been in the modelling industry.

I’ve been a full-time student for six months and I never had any modelling experience before.

Then I realised I could do modelling.

I have worked at several factories in China and I was lucky to work at one factory that I knew the manager and his wife, but it was a different experience from Shanghai Cosmetics.

The manager was the first person to introduce me to the production line, which was quite nice, but then I just started working and it was not easy.

So she had to go home and I went to work.

She has since been in Ningbais factory for about two months.

I worked with different models, but one of them was a young woman who I was just chatting to.

I said, What’s your name?

She said: My name is Zhang, my nickname is Zhang.

I asked her what she had in mind, and she said, That’s right, I want to do modelling for a lot of people.

So I was like, OK, that’s pretty exciting, so what do you need me to do?

She agreed to go on the shoot and to be the model.

And then I went home, I didn’t think I would ever be able to leave.

She went back to Ningba, but she had nothing.

So the next day, she went back.

And then she realised she needed help.

She found out she had two weeks to go.

She was worried about getting the tumours removed, and the doctors said they would have to go to Shanghai Cosmeceuticals, but Zhang could not be found.

So she took her chances.

The next day she was at a supermarket and her father was there.

She asked him what was going on and he said, This is very sad, and you should come and find her.

And she went home and she was in shock, and just wanted to go away.

Then she got a phone call.

It was her mother, telling her that she had been working in Shanghai for a month, and that she could come home to Ningbing.

It sounded like a good opportunity, but the next morning she came back to work with nothing.

It didn’t take long for Zhang to realise that he had a problem.

He had a tumour, and he couldn’t leave.

Within days, she started taking her medication.

We all started to realise it was going really well.


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