How to be a great social media personality from the inside out

Jinger Duggar is known for her witty, witty, hilarious and cheeky social media presence.

In this week’s issue of BRIE, we look at how to harness that talent to the advantage of your business, your family, and your friends.


Start with a positive outlook.

Instagram is notorious for its negativity, and it’s easy to get swept up in the negativity of your feed.

Instead of letting that negative energy filter down to you, focus on the positive.

A few years ago, I made the mistake of posting a negative review of a local pizza place.

When I was browsing Instagram, the review became my top post for two days straight.

I was able to see how quickly negativity had a negative effect on people’s lives, and I felt much better about myself after that.


Create a sense of community.

The best way to start a positive Instagram community is to create a sense that everyone is welcome.

Make a point of talking about your favorite recipes, music and TV shows and encourage everyone to join in on the conversation.

It’s not about what you want to do, but who you want people to talk to. 3.

Use hashtags to your advantage.

When it comes to Instagram, hashtags are often overlooked.

They help to connect people from different locations, create a visual representation of what’s going on, and make it easy to share your content with people from around the world.

They also help to create positive experiences.

To help you start building an Instagram community, we’ve put together some simple steps to help you get started.


Create your own profile.

If you’re looking to get your social media profile up and running, this is the easiest and quickest way to get started: Create a new Instagram account.

Follow @jingerdiggar, and then follow @lisadiggar on Instagram.

The account should have a few hashtags already set, such as #myjinger, #jingerandlisa, and #mylisa.

If you want more options, you can create an Instagram profile for yourself.


Add your business.

Once you have a successful Instagram account, you will be able to easily follow and interact with your business and other people.

You can use the hashtag #mybiz, or add it to your profile, to show that you’re a member of the business.

When you add an account, don’t forget to tag your followers with the hashtags they are using, and share a photo of your Instagram account with them.


Make it easy for your followers to follow.

To get the most out of your account, use Instagram’s built-in filter to make it as easy as possible for people to follow you.

For example, you could have a simple caption that says #mybrand, or #mybusiness, or simply use the filter to tag any people who follow you, like #myfriends.

When your followers are on Instagram, they’ll be able see your most recent posts, and they’ll also be able follow you whenever you go into a specific post on Instagram or on Twitter.


Get in touch with your fans.

Like many businesses, it’s important to keep your Instagram followers up to date.

To do that, you should keep them up to speed on the latest news, videos, and photos.

The best way for you to do that is by sending them a tweet with the hashtag @jinglediggar.


Keep a positive profile.

If Instagram’s filter is working for you, you may want to consider adding a personal Instagram account to keep track of your posts.

If not, you might want to make one yourself to keep it updated and in the loop about all the great content you’ve shared.

If your business has a Twitter account, Twitter is also an excellent way to keep in touch and see who is following you.


Create and promote your Instagram content.

With an Instagram account and a personal Twitter account to promote your content, you are able to get a great deal of exposure.

Follow the @jigglediggar account and you’ll find your most popular posts trending and shared on other accounts.

Follow others who are following @jiggedog and you will find your followers sharing their photos and videos with you.

It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger, journalist, actor, fashion designer, athlete, or even a business owner.

Your fans will love your content and want to share it.

If they are already following you, they will be more likely to follow the @lissiggar account.


Use Instagram’s brand to reach people from other countries.

One of the most important things to remember when using Instagram is to include your country in your posts and videos.

This means adding your country to your hashtag and using the hashtagged


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