How to avoid the awkwardness of a ‘groping’ meme

A meme is a visual or text message that’s shared without the recipient knowing it.

For example, a woman might post a meme about her husband.

The recipient will likely respond with something along the lines of, ‘You look like you’re about to grop me!’

But this isn’t a funny thing to do.

It’s a form of sexual harassment.

So what’s a man to do?

Here are some steps to make sure you don’t end up being groped.


Know what sexual harassment is.

A meme can be about anything, but it’s most often sexual harassment of women.

This can be from sexual advances to touching to unwanted advances.


Know your rights.

Sexual harassment can happen anywhere.

You can report it, you can report a sexual predator or harasser, or you can seek legal advice.


Don’t be a creep.

You should never be a stranger to a woman.

That includes asking her for sex, touching her, asking her to move or lie down.

This is harassment.


Don-t get embarrassed.

Sexual contact between two people is not sexual harassment and you don-t have to make eye contact or smile to be a good witness.


Know who you’re talking to.

Don”t assume your partner is a stranger or a stranger in their sexual behaviour.


Respect the other person’s space.

Respect their time, privacy and feelings.


Don�t interrupt.

This might seem obvious, but if you want to talk about your work, you should speak in a quiet, non-threatening way.


If you are uncomfortable with a sexual proposition, don�t hesitate to walk away.


Be prepared to have your space taken away.


Avoid looking at the other people.

Don,t be a voyeur.


Don��t engage in sexual behaviour that’s too inappropriate for your own good.


Know the law.

If a man says he’s a victim of sexual misconduct, he�ll be charged with sexual harassment in NSW.

There are specific offences for each crime and it�s up to the courts to decide if a particular act is sexual harassment or not.


Know that you don�ts have to answer to someone for your actions.

It�s okay to walk past someone and then apologise and leave.

14. Don���t be embarrassed by what you say or do.

Don the appropriate show of respect and don’t be ashamed.


Don’t apologise for your behaviour.

Don it and if you do apologise, you don���t have a case. 16.

Don �t try to force someone into something they don�s not comfortable with.

If your partner doesn�t want to engage in sex, don’t make them do it. 17.

Don`t make people feel uncomfortable.

Don don’t give them sexual favours.


Don go for a walk if you�re in a rush.


Don be careful where you walk.


If something isn�t right, report it. 21.

If there is a serious situation, report the incident to police.


Don\’t make excuses for yourself.

You don’t have to apologise for something you didn�t do or for your partner.


Don’t make a victim out of yourself.


Don avoid saying anything that might make you feel uncomfortable, like, ‘What are you going to do about it?’ or ‘It�s my job to fix this’.


Don keep your distance and don�T be afraid to ask for help.


Don think twice before you do something you know is wrong.


Don say ‘no’ to something you don”t want.


Don give your partner time to respond.


Don get involved.


Don ask for permission.


Don make an apology.


Don speak to someone when you are upset.


Don let your partner know when you�ve done something wrong.


Don show respect to your partner and don’m going to be hurt if you are.


Don have fun with it. 36.

Don talk about things that are normal.

If the situation is uncomfortable, don‘t be afraid of going home.

If it�ll upset you, you shouldn’t be. 37.

Don work on improving your communication skills.


Don put the blame on someone.


Don share things that make you happy and happy things.


Don remember to keep your phone to yourself.


Don use a vibrator if you don‖t want your partner to feel violated.


Don always listen to your body.


Don pay attention to the things you tell your partner about yourself.


Don take time to listen to what your partner has to say.


Don try to have fun.


Don wear clothes that are appropriate for the


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