How to avoid becoming a follower of Arieana Grande

Ariea Grande has become the latest star to have her Instagram followers bombarded with hate, with one follower being reported to the police.

Ariea’s fans, many of whom are from the United States, began posting abuse to her instagram account on Tuesday, including a photo of her face, with the caption “the most vile people you will ever meet”.

“The most vile women you will EVER meet,” the photo caption read.

“The most hateful men you will NEVER meet,” read another.

The caption has since been deleted, but a follower has since reported it to the New York Police Department, where the woman who made the post is a member of the group “the Black Panthers”.

“I’m going to report her to the NYPD,” the person said.

“I think she’s an agent for the BLM.

She’s got a big social media following and a lot of hate on her.”

She should have to face the consequences.

“Police have not commented on the case.

Ms Grande’s followers have been quick to vent their frustrations online, with some posting photos of their faces covered in blood, and other photos showing the singer covered in bruises.

The tweets have also been retweeted by her fellow star, Paris Hilton, who tweeted: “I hope Arie and the Black Panthers are arrested and put away for the rest of their lives for what they’ve done to Ariean and her fans.”

Ms Grande has previously said she was “shocked and saddened” by the posts, but did not address the issue in an interview with TMZ on Tuesday.”

I feel very sad for Arieans family, but at the same time, I think the people are angry.

I think they’re tired of the whole world not respecting them,” Ms Grande told the outlet.”

But it’s my responsibility to speak out, and speak out to show the world that there are people out there that are not worthy of love and respect.


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