FourFourSeconds’ Latest Instagram Stickers: A quick recap

I am happy to report that my new Instagram Sticker collection has arrived.The Instagram Sticky collection is a combination of a bunch of fun, quirky and playful stickers with some really cute designs.I really like the stickers that are a bit more in the sweet spot of fun.One of my favourites is the one by […]

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Facebook says it will stop supporting its Instagram account after users complained about its privacy policy

A Facebook spokesperson has confirmed that the company is halting its support for its Instagram Instagram account following a number of users’ complaints about the social network’s privacy policy.“As of today, we have stopped supporting the Instagram account,” the spokesperson told Ars.“The Instagram account has no more updates, photos, videos, or photos and audio clips […]

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How to Make a Pizzeria’s Best New Recipe

A restaurant owner in Mexico’s capital city, Mexico City, recently took to Instagram to show off a delicious new pizza he’s been cooking up.“What do you call it?It’s a pizza made with rice,” wrote the man, Miguel Angel Mancini.“But it’s a pretty good one.”A friend of the man’s posted the photo on Instagram.“I’m eating the […]

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How to be a model in China

A young Chinese woman is on the hunt for the perfect face.It’s the perfect opportunity to get her modelling career off to a bad start.The young woman, named Xiao Li, is an aspiring model who grew up in the city of Ningbo, in central China’s Jiangsu province.She moved to Ningbo in 2012 and went to […]

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When Twitter stopped working, the world lost access to its most popular hashtags

A major Twitter service has stopped working after it was forced to block a large number of accounts, according to a report published on Tuesday.The company said it had taken action after “a number of incidents” were discovered that had been “inadvertently introduced” to its system.The Twitter account of one woman who posted the message: […]

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