Cat with ‘meth-smoking’ dog gets $1M prize in US cat-related competition

A US cat named “Meth-Smoking” won $1 million in the US cat race at the International Cat and Dog Show on Saturday, according to a press release from the American Kennel Club.

The cat was named after the drug used in the methamphetamine-smoking process, the American Humane Association.

The winner was a 2-year-old German Shepherd named Meth-Smiling and was named by the American K9 Club, according the statement.

“Mephedrone, a psychoactive substance, was used in some meth-smoking and methamphetamine-related deaths in the United States, and many veterinarians are concerned about its potential to be abused,” the statement said.

“Although we don’t know for sure, we know the process of using meth is dangerous, and we urge people to be careful and responsible.”

A spokesperson for the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) told the Associated Press that Meth-smiling dogs were one of the most popular breeds in its shelter database.

The organization is currently working to create a database of dogs using meth and how to detect and treat the illness.

A spokesperson told Reuters the dog “wasn’t a good candidate” for the contest because of its history of seizures.

“A good dog with good socialization and training will do better than a dog with no training, no socialization, no training,” the spokesperson said.

The AHA said it’s trying to educate the public about the health risks of the drug.

“The public needs to be aware of what they are ingesting,” the spokeswoman said.

In the UK, the UK Dog Breeders’ Association said a “meth dog” won the US Cat race at this year’s World Dog Day in January.

“It was a strong show, and the British breeders were in good form,” the organization said in a statement.

But the AHA did not state whether the cat in question was Meth-smoking.

A previous statement said it would be “unfortunate” if the cat wasn’t Meth- smoking.

The statement continued: “The AHA is encouraging breeders and pet owners to carefully educate themselves on the risks and benefits of using a veterinary medication, and to make sure their dogs have good socialisation, appropriate nutrition and exercise.”

Meth is a synthetic synthetic chemical similar to the active ingredient in the drug GHB.

The drug was introduced in the 1980s by the pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and has since become a popular street drug.

It’s banned in Canada and the United Kingdom.

It can also be fatal for people.


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