Baddie on Instagram: ‘I love to travel’

The mother-of-four is known for sharing photos of her travels and love of life on Instagram and Twitter, often with captions that read, “I love travel,” “traveling is fun” and “I am so excited to be a part of this journey.”Baddie is a self-described “bodacious, beautiful and adventurous soul,” who has lived in Los Angeles […]

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What’s the worst thing about being a white woman?

Posted by The American Conservatives on Monday, September 24, 2019 12:33:23While some may say the “worst thing about” being a “white woman” is the “stupid” idea of “pitting white women against each other,” I don’t think it’s that simple.The American conservative is wrong to blame “white women” for all the ills of America.The American Conservative […]

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WATCH: A young man who killed a woman in his own home, then turned his gun on the police says he didn’t have to do it.

In a new interview with CBC News, Kevin Mokwena, 19, said he and his friends were in a bad mood in their backyard of the city of Cape Breton in April.When they were at the back of their home, Mokwalas cousin, 22-year-old Kari Tarkowski, walked into the yard.They had been drinking at the house, Mokuwena […]

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How to take your photos of yourself in public and make money from them – in just 24 hours

We all love selfies, and the internet is full of them.You can take a few of them on a whim, but the problem with Instagram is that you need to use a dedicated camera and pay for the app, so it’s not as easy to do.We talked to two Instagram creators who’ve taken a few […]

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What to do if you get a message from @TrishaPaytas that she’s running for president

Instagram is taking another step towards becoming a true platform for political conversations.Today, Instagram announced that it will be allowing users to post messages directly from their accounts that will be edited, tagged and captioned to show a picture of the user’s face in a caption that will not appear in the posts.The news comes […]

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